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Natalie Kohlhaas Anxiety Specialist.

I hope you enjoy watching, listening, and reading about anxiety and my journey as a therapist. For more information on how to tackle your anxiety look at
                                                       And welcome, I am gald you are here.

In The Press

The Holistic Monitor 

With Nic Scogna


Writers Life Magazine

Interviews with the hottest authors around

LA Wave Magazine

Interview with Marisa Wells

ABC Television

Jan 9, 2023 Channel 9 CBS Washington, DC Live

You Tube Interview

Mind Dog TV with Matt Nappo

Douglas Coleman Radio Show

Watch the show

KATU/ABC Portland

Jan 4, 2023 Channel 2 ABC Portland Oregon Live

Radio Health Journal

Live Journal Podcast with Kristen Farrah


Jan 10 2023 Chanel 3 Texas

The Barefoot Counselor

With therapist Lei Rhyne


Relationship Anxiety

Going Through Something w/Carnell

Podcast Carnell Roberts

Positive Talk Radion

With Kevin McDonald


Read the interview here

Books By Women

Publication about Women


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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